Why Carry your firearm in a handbag?

The age old debate… Is it better to go without your firearm rather than to carry concealed in a handbag. Most men will say not to carry in your purse for fear of it getting stolen or you leaving it unattended somewhere. Here is what I have to say about it…


I started carrying my firearm full time because I was a traveling sales representative and drove over 3 states. When wearing pant suites, I could wear an ankle holster but trying to get to it with a steering wheel in the way was quite a feat. I am a curvy and busty woman and would wear form fitting clothing so I wouldn’t look as big as a house as my blouses would fall wide off of my chest and made me look huge. This didn’t leave me much room to conceal in my bra line or in my waist line either. As a woman too, we rarely wear the same type of clothing day after day. One day I am in a pant suit, the next I am in a sassy dress and the next I am in yoga pants. I resorted in putting my firearm in my center console and when I left my car, I would put it in my designer purse along with my sunglasses, lipstick, cell phone and all the other junk that made it’s way to the bottom of my purse. All living harmoniously in the bottomless pit of my handbag. That was until I had to pull my firearm on a man who blocked my car in and went reaching for the door handle. The barrel of my PK380 sent him running back to his car and gave me time to write down his plates and call it in. Thank God I had it in my center console and not in my purse where I would have to search through all my other junk to get to it.

This left me wondering if there was a more responsible and reasonable way to carry my firearm all the time where I could easily access it should something like this ever happen again. The current market and styles left wanting… I decided to design my own line of bags that had a separate holster, we call “the lock it pocket” that only has one way in and one way out and has a lockable holster so if you are at a party of some place and want to set your bag down and leave it, you can simply lock up your firearm and go on about your fun.

For me it was an obvious choice but I see a lot on social media where people (mostly men) are trying to say not to carry it in your bag. Here are my thoughts…

  • I train myself to pull my firearm from the “lock it pocket” to make sure I am able to shoot accurately and effectively.
  • I have trained myself to hold my bag in a manner that makes it easy for me to access my firearm.
  • I would rather risk fighting off a thief and potentially getting my bag stolen then being caught without my firearm.
  • I have trained myself to be aware of my situation and have a “pre-pull stance” when I feel uncomfortable and threatened.

Bottom line, it is all about training! The bag is obsolete if you don’t train yourself to use it properly. Just like an on body holster, you have to be comfortable drawing from it and accurately shooting your target. I don’t think this is the only way or an end all be all to concealment. I would never think there is only one way to conceal your firearm and certainly not for women. We need choices and selection and this is just another option to add to our “goody bag” of concealment options! (Pun intended)


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1 Response to Why Carry your firearm in a handbag?

  1. Brooke says:

    I was at a training course earlier this year with Kathy Jackson who wrote The Cornered Cat. I had convinced myself that I didn’t want to carry in a purse for fear of leaving it behind. She explained simply to all of us why we should have and know how to use a concealed carry purse. What she said was, “Even if you carry on your body, you should have a purse that will hold your fire arm in case your on body holster fails or has a malfunction. ” I now have one more thing to train on.

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